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Friday, June 11, 2010

new beginnings

i've always been hesitant to start a blog. Mostly out of fear that no one would care. but it feels like it might be worthwhile at this point. I'm at an internet conference in chicago, and today is all geared towards blogs and social media. i felt left out.
Traveling alone in a strange city is not something i'm used to. I've traveled to a bunch of weird cities, or towns. I've met a bunch of strangers, managed to make small talk, sleep soundly on floors and on couches. But never really alone. As someone who likes my alone time, this is weird. I like to be independent, I like to do things on my own. But traveling for some reason felt scary. I started scaring myself with thoughts like how petite I am, and how I couldn't bring my new knife because of the flight. I worried that people on the streets would know that I was alone, a stranger in this city, and that if I went missing, no one would notice for days. I used to worry about this when I lived alone, but at least then I was in MY city. In a familiar place.
But I'm of the opinion that if something makes me uncomfortable, I pretty much have to do it. This applied to running for student council, doing tennis in high school, and doing FYSOP in college. So after a little while of freaking myself out, I forced myself to leave the hotel, and walk to streets of chicago. I adventured to the fountain from the beginning of Married with Children-wish I had a No M'am shirt to wear- but it was still a great idea given to me by a friend.
I have to keep doing things that make me uncomfortable. like being at a retail conference by myself for days. because otherwise I have no concept of what I am able to do.
Now I've been really impressed with the vegan options that Chicago has to offer. Right outside my hotel is Kramer's Health Food Shoppe- a place with fresh juices, reasonable prices, and vegan treats. What are the odds? I also made the trip up to Wicker Park and indulged in Veggie Bite- Vegan Fast Food.

I have never been so stoked on chili cheese fries, cookie dough milkshakes, and burgers. I was ecstatic. There needs to be one of these in Boston. or not. I don't need to eat this every week. But it is so good. I've been impressed by the veggie friendliness of Chicago, makes me think that Boston needs to step up its game. Moral of the story= I need more adventures all the time.

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